The Missing Key—Full-meal Vending Machines

Running late for a seven o’clock morning meeting, Julie did not have time to make her lunch today.  Instead she would rely on her humming companion in the break room to provide her with a quick meal before the start of her afternoon meeting.  As more and more people eat on the run, and both vending and food advancements have enabled a larger variety of merchandise to be offered, still many are not realizing the profit from the everyday “Julies”.  Refrigerated meal products, or shelf-stable meal products allow vendors to offer a plethora of different items all aimed at capitalizing on the diner, as opposed to the traditional casual snacker.

From College campuses to business lunch rooms, the assortment of locations and the amount of operators that can benefit from adding full line meals are numerous, and still growing.  As consumers, vending, and technology meet in the effort to meet this demand for meals here are some questions to ask yourself about your location:

  • Is your traffic from university classes and late-night library studying sessions?
  • Does it usually service lunch breaks?
  • Are there easily accessible microwaves around?
  • Where is the nearest dining alternative?

While there are other factors, if you answered yes to these questions, it is most likely worth it to consider a combo vending machine capable of offering large meal-sized food items.  Many college students keep odd hours and odder eating habits, and many business professionals need something quick and on the run.  All of these factors come into play when understanding the unique dynamic of your locations, and if there is more profit to be gained from them.

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